The Jusoor Arabiya Leadership & Consultancy Company is dedicated to meeting the challenges of future development and reform in the Arab world through leadership training, consultancy, and assessment. Successful organizations, both public and private, require visionary and empowering leaders capable of building and managing high-performance collaborative efforts through effective communication and creative thinking. At Jusoor Arabiya, we recognize the relationship between leadership and character and strive to connect the potential of individuals with the needs of organizational development. In designing our services, Jusoor Arabiya assists organizations and institutions in a number of important areas:

Clarifying institutional vision and direction
Assessing organizational strengths and future potential
Creating a culture of engagement, trust, and loyalty
Building teams and sustaining employee morale and retention
Developing effective leadership practices at all levels
Designing leadership training for organizations in continuously changing environments
Overseeing partial and large-scale system transformation to fulfill organizational potential
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Our Mission

To accelerate the discovery of leadership potential in the Arab world, in pursuit of honest, forward looking, inspiring and competent leaders who can spearhead change in an era of transformation.

At Jusoor Arabiya we believe in the following Values

Dynamic change—a necessity to attract and satisfy customers, clients, and employees
Internal communication—a requirement for successful operation at all levels
Engagement—a building block for a culture of leadership and commitment
Experiential training—the path to leadership development
Partnership—a process of exchange to better fulfill goals
Trust—a prerequisite for loyalty and strength
Vision—the only way forward
Productivity—the result of holding to the values of an open culture that can maintain talent.
Corporate social responsibility CSR ?A gateway for development and progress.

Jusoor Arabiya provides services for businesses, governments, nongovernmental organizations, and educational institutions in Arab countries seeking to develop leadership attuned to today’s world. Every institution is unique, requiring a “different touch?to fully recognize its potential. Jusoor Arabiya is committed to making a difference.