A Government and Private Sector Initiative for Employability in the Kuwaiti Market


Jusoor Arabiya and the Deputy Prime Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Manpower & Government Restructuring Program Sign a Memorandum of Understanding



Kuwait- 3/23/08 The Deputy Prime Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Manpower & Government Restructuring Program signed a memorandum of understanding with Jusoor Arabiya, a leadership and consultancy center, for the training of 3000 Kuwaitis in order to better prepare them for the workforce in the private sector (The employability Program). Hind Al-Subeeh, General Director of the program singed this memorandum in conjunction with the President of Jusoor, Dr. Shafeeq Ghabra.


The memorandum states the research and steps that will be needed to determine the needs of the market and this will be in collaboration with the International youth Foundation, U.S.A. The study and the need assessment will better equip the program to determine the strategy that is needed, including the communication, marketing  strategy, training programs, underdeveloped skills, censorship, evaluation and the size of the employment market in general.


Jusoor Arabiya and the International Youth Foundation will shape the program towards the needs that the restructuring program and Jusoor deem necessary as well as the creativity that can be brought about from such a program. This in turn will help identify the challenges that youth encounter in the workforce before actually entering. Another important goal of the restructuring program is to form an alliance between the government, private sector and the educational sector.


The memorandum also notes that in general, the implementation, creativity, technology and administration will be met by worldwide companies such as General Electric and Caterpillar who are leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility.


After the signing Dr. Shafeeq Ghabra stated: “This program represents a huge initiative to cooperate with issues that concern the young at work in the private sector and also will raise the standards of the capabilities that can lead to success in the workplace.”


Dr. Ghabra added that the program has a number of stages and elements and can’t just be based on one scheme. The program must go through a variety of phases like it did in Latin American and East Europe where it went in a fifteen year process led by the International Youth Foundation who will also be involved in the program in Kuwait.


Dr. Ghabra also said that the program will identify and meet the needs of those involved and will also provide them with experiential training which is a new concept and one that is highly needed in order to deal with life situations and in order to develop ones self. The program will also focus on work skills, knowledge in the workforce, general workplace and the markets needs. The program will be brought forth by an alliance between the government who is already been represented by The Deputy Prime Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Manpower & Government Restructuring Program and by the Private Sector, represented by Jusoor Arabiya and an alliance of top companies in the private sector who want to engage in this vital program.


Dr. Ghabra ended the signing ceremony by saying: “I can’t express the magnitude of this program enough and the actual need to fix this deep problem we have in the private sector, one that needs to be addressed in high spirits.”